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walking through the clouds with a circus mind

fly on, little wing

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In a tree by the brook
theres a songbird who sings

me: student. eighteen. proud canadian. bookworm. tv junkie. music addict. perfectionist. geeky. romantic yet realistic. stubborn. hates bullshit.

my journal: this is my personal journal. it mostly contains random entries about things going on in my life, fandom stuff and anything else that strikes my fancy. if you're looking for my graphics, they are all located at divineskies.

In case you don't know
the pipers calling you to join him

people: johnny depp. craig horner. bridget regan. bradley james. keira knightley. angel coulby. rachel mcadams. taylor kitsch. katie mcgrath. colin morgan. sophia bush. noah wyle.

tv shows: legend of the seeker. merlin. smallville. 90210. friday night lights. fringe. gossip girl. house. one tree hill. the office. true blood.

movies: pirates of the caribbean. transformers. anything by tim burton/johnny depp. titanic. the notebook.
And if you listen very hard
the tune will come to you at last

music: styx. eric clapton. pink floyd. led zeppelin. david bowie. lynyrd skynyrd. live. bryan adams. snow patrol. nirvana. our lady peace. linkin park.

books: gone with the wind. outlander. twilight series. harry potter series. sword of truth series. wuthering heights. pride and prejudice. angels & demons.

When all are one and one is all
to be a rock and not to roll

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--feat. stairway to heaven by led zeppelin